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 Skembri's Funiral

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PostSubject: Skembri's Funiral   Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:25 am

On Bored the jedi's flag ship.

(900 people came)

(A person is playing "Amazing Grace" on a bagpipe (just because it fits the moment)(He ends the song)

Founder: We are gathered here today in the torpeto launching room of the Jedi's Flagship, Skembri, will never be forgotten he saved everyones life, and for that we solute you, skembri.

(Founder Pulls out a blaster rifle, turns to the guards, points his rifle up in the air, so do the gurads, they all fire up to the blaster absorbing celing)

Founder: We will take a moment to remember everything Skembri did for us. We will remember that this nobel person died trying to make piece in the galixy, WE WILL REMEMBER!

(A person playes the flute thing, similar to the startrek thing, after that a person starts playing the titanic theme on the flute, then the casket starts moving forward) (Ya, the only reason it is the titanic theme is because it is sad)

The casket is launched into space, we all watch it, people are crying, the founder has felt a great loss. No one knows what will come of this.

Friend Request us on Facbook our username is Vargo Canplo
Fallow us on Twitter at StarwarsDoF

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Skembri's Funiral
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