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 AI Systems

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PostSubject: AI Systems   Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:18 pm

AI Classes:
Class 1: No Security Protocalls, can be hakced easly
Class 2: Minor System Abbilities, Can be hacked
Class 3: Can Not Be Hacked, Minor System Abbilities
Class 4: Can Control Weapons Systems, no player needs to be on the ship or in system, can be hacked
Class 5: Top in legal AI systems, this can do almost anything, it can do what all of them before can do and more.
Class 6 and up: Illegal, can do anything listed in there abbilities system

AI Cortana
Class: 5
Legal: Yes
Fits: All Ships/Mech Suits
Needs VOICE authorisation to do anything
Can Self Destruct ships it is installed on. (Destroys itself in the proses)
Can Hack other Class 1 AI systems
Can Control Weapon Systems
Cost: 100 Credits
Install TIme: 1 Hour

Durandal Program
Class: 10
Legal: NO
Fits: All ships/mech Suits
Benefits: Needs Voice Authorisation
Can Self destruct ship it is on (Then it installs itself on an escape pod and leaves)
Can make copies of itself that it can control
Can control weapon systems remotly
Can Hack any System that is lvl 3 or below
Cost: 1,000
Install time: 2 Days
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AI Systems
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