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 Jedi/Sith Side-arms

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Vargo Canplo
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PostSubject: Jedi/Sith Side-arms   Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:22 pm

"Come in come in, skim my vase selection of"....he pauses......"Goods"........He pauses again......"They are all legal i assure you, illegal items are, out back"

Legal Items:
Weapon Disabler
Legal: Yes
Benefits: Disables all weapons, by dispersing lightsaber blades and dstablising blasters.
Cost: 5,000

Force Dimmer
Legal: Yes to all non jedi/sith factions
Benefits: Disables all force powers around you, no one on that planet/ship can use the force including you
Cost: 5,000

Cutting Blade
DMG: 10
Legal: Yes to all
Benefits: this is a small balde that is like a lightsaber only a pocket knifes size. Good for getting into prisons or hunting
Cost: 200

Communicatios Jammer
Legal: Yes To All
Benefits: Scrambles all communicatios to and from the system you are in.
Cost: 50

Communications Signal Encripter
Legal: To All FACTIONS not independant, you must be issued one from your faction to not be arrested.
Benefits: Encripts your communications channel so only the person you are talking to can hear you.
Cost: 50

Thaleron Pocket Blaster
Benefits: This kills everyone on the ship/planet in 1 day, it takes a Thaleron Injection to be healed or be protected agenst it.
Cost: 5,000

Thaleron Injection
Legal: Required to live on a planetin the Deep Core or Outer Rim
Benefits: This makes it so Thaleron doesent effect you.
Cost: 100

Shock Blade
Legal: Illegal
Benefits: this is a blade that is illegal to all factions because if used it will disable a droid or do 50 dmg to a person. You can be seen using it as a regular blade that does 10 dmg, but if you turn the blade on to do 50 dmg or destroy a droid you will get arrested
Cost: 1,000

Cloaking Device
Legal: Illegal to anyone but factions
Benefits: Makes it so that the enemy knows you are there but they cannot fire on you or your ship. Downside, going to hyperspace with this on will result in death. Also if you fire when this is on you can be spotted and 1 enemy unit/ship may fire on you.
Cost: 500
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PostSubject: Re: Jedi/Sith Side-arms   Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:03 pm

i recon if u by these things somthing shud change in the game for instance if u buy an illegal item bt sont use it, u wint get arrested or evn if u do use it u wont if ur not caught so if somone uses it, randomy u shud arrest them just out randomisity

and like with the communications scramblerif u create a forum then activate theat anadmin mus put it so only u and the contact can see it
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PostSubject: Re: Jedi/Sith Side-arms   Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:06 pm

Well, everyone can see it. But if you use the information from the message unless you have a device that counter acts it you get a penalty. you cant play the game for a few hours or maby a day or 2. Also with the getting arrested, only if you use it do you get arrested because things that are illegal, unless i post in the benefits it says it cant be concealed you can hide it untill you use it. So you dont get arrested untill you use it.

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PostSubject: Re: Jedi/Sith Side-arms   

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Jedi/Sith Side-arms
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